[c-nsp] ASR1000 - Software Redundancy

Antonio Soares amsoares at netcabo.pt
Tue Jan 31 10:38:53 EST 2012

Hello group,

I'm trying to find a document that explains how to configure/control the new
feature called Software Redundancy. I understand that boxes like the 1004
can have two IOS deamons running but I can't find anywhere how this really

And do we have any type of control on the amount of memory the IOSd
allocates ? I'm playing with my first ASR, in this case the 1004 and I found
strange the show version output:

Router#sh ver | inc memory
cisco ASR1004 (RP1) processor with 1700062K/6147K bytes of memory.
32768K bytes of non-volatile configuration memory.
4194304K bytes of physical memory.

The box has 4 GB of memory but the IOSd only allocates 1,7 GB. Is this
dynamic ? How do we control this ?



Antonio Soares, CCIE #18473 (R&S/SP)
amsoares at netcabo.pt

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