[c-nsp] RAD's MiTOP-E3/T3 SFP to ME3600x(-cx) ???

Adam Vitkovsky adam.vitkovsky at swan.sk
Wed Apr 3 20:44:21 EDT 2013

Game on :)


Thank you Tim


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RAD makes both a 100mbps and 1000mbps version of the SFP..






+ PSN interface: 

FE Fast Ethernet 

GE Gigabit Ethernet 

? Enclosure (Default=regular enclosure):

H Temperature-hardened enclosure

(MiTOP-E3/T3/FE units only) 


On Wed, Apr 3, 2013 at 5:28 PM, Adam Vitkovsky <adam.vitkovsky at swan.sk>

>(they are 100Mb/s SFPs),
Aaah you're right these are 100Mbps SFPs -so those won't run on me3600
right? How much is the accidian nid please? And is it reliable please?

> In our scenario one end of the PWE3 is always connected to a SDH system
that provides clocking, whilst the other runs in adaptive mode.

I see, that's definitely one way to get a clocking into this thing -I guess
we could bridge the other end of the PE to me3600x-cx or asr903 STM port to
get the clocking from SDH


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