[c-nsp] Way to get 3rd party optics to work in UCS/FEX?

Ryan West rwest at zyedge.com
Fri Apr 12 12:43:45 EDT 2013


On Fri, Apr 12, 2013 at 12:05:22, Aaron wrote:
> Subject: Re: [c-nsp] Way to get 3rd party optics to work in UCS/FEX?
> Are you talking about sfp/xfp 3rd party support in NXOS?  If so, would 
> this limitation apply to Cisco 5548UP as well ?  Asking since I'm 
> considering buying some of those and want to know what I'm getting myself into.

service unsupported-transceiver
Warning: When Cisco determines that a fault or defect can be traced to the use of third-party transceivers installed by a customer or reseller, then, at Cisco's discretion, Cisco may withhold support under warranty or a Cisco support program. In the course of providing support for a Cisco networking product Cisco may require that the end user install Cisco transceivers if Cisco determines that removing third-party parts will assist Cisco in diagnosing the cause of a support issue.

The OP is trying to get them working in the fabric interconnects of a UCS environment.  You have some access to underlying NX-OS there, but the configuration is controlled from the UCSM GUI/XML/CLI.  The command above works on Nexus 7k and 5k's.

The 5548UP works quite well for us, with the exception of a few scenario's involving OSPF and devices that want to respond to the physical MAC vs. the virtual MAC when using VPC.  Netapp management ports come to mind.  We have used them in small DC/core environments for Ethernet, iSCSI, FC, and FCoE.  Let me know if  you have any specific questions about them.



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