[c-nsp] VRF and non-VRF on the same physical interface

Eric A Louie elouie at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 12 19:19:34 EDT 2013

Platform ME-3600X, IOS 15.2

I've got point to multipoint connection on the GigE interface, a base radio and 
2 sector radios.  I've been trying to get both a VRF SVI  and a non-VRF SVI to 
work over that same physical interface.  

Here's what I've done so far:
1. Created a no switchport physical interface and had multiple IP addresses on 
the interface.  I can have different IPs on the different sector radios.  That 
2. Created a VLAN 100 interface with multiple IPs and switchport access on the 
physical interface.  That works
3. Created a VLAN 100 interface with VRF and multiple IP, and service instance 
and bridge-domain on the physical interface.  works if I use encap default or 
encap untagged.  Does not work if I encap dot1q 100
4. Created VLAN 100 with VRF and VLAN 101 without.  2 service instances both 
with bridge-domains, but the only service instance that works is the encap 
default or encap untagged.

So it seems I have tagging issues - Can I eliminate the VLAN tag for the service 
instance that isn't working?  If so, how?


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