[c-nsp] data center/mpls/vpls

Daniel Hooper dhooper at gold.net.au
Mon Apr 15 01:42:16 EDT 2013

Brocade CER 2000, they do all your MPLS / VPLS features.

They're more aimed at carrier edge routing, so probably lack features normally seen in TOR switches, but guessing they'll have another box with tricks that can do the lot.


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I'm working with the resident linux/server/systems engineer on his new dc project.


I'm looking for data center type switches/routers. does anyone recommend anything?


I would like mpls capability in it.  Does anyone say that mpls/vpls/l3vpn/l2vpn is good to top of rack data center level?  Seems like more flexibility and strength to me with using all those nice mpls features.


I would like a pair of top-of-rack devices that can mirror one another if possible too, like cisco's 6509-vss thing.or at least like nexus vpc (multichassis link aggregation/bundling)


What vendor has something that can do all that?  Oh, I'm trying to stay around $75K for 5 of them.


HP tells me their 5900/5920 can do most of this and mpls is on roadmap for end of year.l3vpn, maybe l2vpn beyond that.


Cisco tells me their nexus 5548UP can do most of this, but no mpls at all, no roadmap either.


Juniper ?  don't know.but I see on their web site something about QFX3500, EX4500, EX4550 but haven't look at them yet.


Other vendor ?








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