[c-nsp] data center/mpls/vpls

Andrew Miehs andrew at 2sheds.de
Mon Apr 15 02:07:35 EDT 2013

On 13/04/2013, at 12:57 AM, Aaron <aaron1 at gvtc.com> wrote:

> I would like mpls capability in it.  Does anyone say that
> mpls/vpls/l3vpn/l2vpn is good to top of rack data center level?  Seems like
> more flexibility and strength to me with using all those nice mpls features.

Why do you want MPLS on the top of rack switch?

> I would like a pair of top-of-rack devices that can mirror one another if
> possible too, like cisco's 6509-vss thing.or at least like nexus vpc
> (multichassis link aggregation/bundling)

The Nexus 5Ks are pretty cheap and good if you only need L2.

> What vendor has something that can do all that?  Oh, I'm trying to stay
> around $75K for 5 of them.

Do you need 1G, or 10G interfaces, and how many of them?
Why do you need 5? Would something like a pair of 5Ks and FEXs not do what you are after?

> HP tells me their 5900/5920 can do most of this and mpls is on roadmap for
> end of year.l3vpn, maybe l2vpn beyond that.

IIRC, the HP 5900s only support 16K routes - which could be a problem on an MPLS network.
Can't you just trunk the various VLANs back to a PE/ pair of PEs?

> Juniper ?  don't know.but I see on their web site something about QFX3500,
> EX4500, EX4550 but haven't look at them yet.

I think the QFX will be too expensive for your budget. IIRC, the EX4500s also have the not enough routes supported issue....



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