[c-nsp] Possible to talk ospfv3 with auth or encryption to Brocade?

David Hubbard dhubbard at dino.hostasaurus.com
Thu Apr 18 02:42:22 EDT 2013

I'm wondering if anyone has a working ospfv3 setup
between a Cisco and Brocade device?  As best I can
tell, Brocade's only possible setup is either no
auth and no encryption, or, sha1 auth, sha1 encryption,
esp packets.

On the Cisco side, the only option that gives you
esp packets is "ipv6 ospf encrypt" but then
unfortunately while it does support sha1 for the
authentication, the only encryption algorithms offered
are 3des, aes-cbc, des and null, so there's not a
compatible combination.



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