[c-nsp] Inter-AS between ASBR c7600 and ASBR asr9k

gurbo at golas.ru gurbo at golas.ru
Thu Apr 18 08:45:41 EDT 2013

Hello community,

Is it possible to create Inter-AS option C between ASBR c7600 and ASBR asr9K, by following scheme:

host---PE{c7600, AS100}---{c7600, AS100}ASBR-------ASBR{asr9k, AS200}---PE{asr9k, AS200}---host

ASBRs also acts as Route-Reflectors.

Because we can have 2 method for distribute labels within AS: IGP+LDP and labelled iBGP.
I want to add an important condition for me: 
Tags within an autonomous system must be distributed through the IGP+LDP in both AS.

Alexandr Gurbo

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