[c-nsp] BGP Signalled VPLS

Adam Vitkovsky adam.vitkovsky at swan.sk
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Alright so once the VE ID and offset is the same on two PEs, the remote PEs
will create PW only to one of them. 
This is taken care of the standard VPLS split-horizon rule though. 

What about PW between PE-A and PE-B (is that PW not created if these two
have now the same VE ID and offset? 
So that it solves the looping of BUM traffic originated at CE-A sent to PE-A
sent to PE-B and sent to CE-A. 
But it affects every other PE in the domain as well. 
So I'd cripple the whole VPLS domain in order to avoid loop between two PEs,
I guess I don't like that. 

I'd rather relay on MC-LAG or REP or MST access gateway in order to avoid

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I think bep is referring to EVPN in his comment.  In BGP signalled + BGP AD
VPLS, you don't use a specific split-horizon label.  Instead if you think of
the most simple case where you have three PEs: PE-A, PE-B and PE-C.  PE-A
(better local pref)and PE-B (worse local pref) are multi-homed to site CE-A
and PE-C is single-homed to site CE-C.
Now if you consider the BGP advertisements received at PE-C, it has two
possible routes to site CE-A (distinguished by the identical RD, VE ID and
VE block offset).  Hence PE-C selects one of these two sites as its route to
CE-A via BGP route selection process, being via PE-A because of local-pref.
Now PE-C sets up a single BGP signalled pseudo-wire between PE-C to PE-A and
begins forwarding traffic.  Any traffic received at PE-B is dropped because
it has no pseudo-wires set up to any other PEs and there is no loop in the
J* have a good article describing exactly that here

EVPN is a little different because in that above example, PE-C would have
set up pseudo-wires to both PE-A and PE-B allowing active-active forwarding.
Any BUM traffic will still be forwarded using split-horizon though using the
split-horizon label.  At least that is my understanding..


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Well why didn't you just say so!  Haha, Seriously, thanks a bunch bep.
I'll begin reading up on this.


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Aaron wrote:
> Thanks Caillin/Saku/Adam, this differentiation of VPLS LDP Sig 
> compared to BGP Sig as it relates to loop prevention during redundant 
> pe/ce at edge is of interest to me...(I actually had a l2 forwarding 
> loop scare me to death and had to shut down backside c-to-c during 
> maintenance window a few months ago)....i walked away from that with a

> big question in my head as to how does customer spanning tree feed 
> into the loop prevention of split horizon groups within a vpls as how 
> pw forwarding treatment occurs...and I thought to myself , it probably

> doesn't... which has had me wondering about this for a few months....
> BUT, now y'all mention that bgp signaled vpls as it relates to 
> redundant pe/ce avoids this.... correct?  I have adam's link, thanks 
> adam, but does anyone have more links related to understanding all
> Adam's implementation link....
> http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/routers/asr9000/software/asr9k_r4.3/lx
> vpn/co
> nfiguration/guide/lesc43pbb.html#wp1183684

By the selection of a Designated Forwarder via the Ethernet AD route
advertisement and the use of a split-horizon label appended to
multi-destination packets.

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