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Ge Moua moua0100 at umn.edu
Wed Apr 24 16:21:44 EDT 2013

+2 for isc dhpcd & bind (sorry for being off-topic though).

Ge Moua
moua0100 at umn.edu

Univ of Minn Alumnus

On 4/24/13 1:12 PM, A.L.M.Buxey at lboro.ac.uk wrote:
> Hi,
>> My thoughts are that this group is very knowledgeable about all networking
>> topics and it makes sense to me
> this group works because its a forum dedicated to a particular vendor
> and specific remit. the SnR is pretty good and you get answers because
> its a specific group FOR that purpose.   if you want to ask questions
> about InfoBlox then visit/use an InfoBlox forum....as its a commercial
> product you could even ask them - have you got a maintenance contract?
> <offtopic personal view> if thats how they've decided to engineer their kit
> then so be it...if you want to do things on different interfaces then just
> install your own Linux box and put your own copy of ISC DHCPD and BIND onto
> it - then you can do whatever you want with whatever interfaces you've got..
> (and no, c-nsp isnt here for when theres issues with that, use a Linux or ISC
> mailing list ;-) )
> now, back on topic, I'm using AAA/dot1X with multi-host but recent cisco
> docs seem to suggest multi-auth is the way to go when theres a VOIP handset
> present - any views?
> alan
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