[c-nsp] SPA-1X10GE-WL-V2 vs SPA-1X10GE-L-V2

Edward Salonia ed at edgeoc.net
Thu Apr 25 11:25:00 EDT 2013

Sure. Future-proofing, when capable, is a good idea.

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Hi Ed,

So there should be no issue if they are used for what we do other than they
cost more? We may have some SONET applications in the near future, so if I
wanted to standardize on one card, this should work both ways? This was my
understanding based on what I read, but I don't want to assume that things
not clearly stated were there. Our main use being etherchannel stuff.


On Wed, Apr 24, 2013 at 10:21 PM, Edward Salonia <ed at edgeoc.net> wrote:

> L does only LANPHY
> If you are just using this for 10gige LAN interconnect, use the L. If you
> need WAN/SONET support, get the WL.
> - Ed
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> Subject: [c-nsp] SPA-1X10GE-WL-V2 vs SPA-1X10GE-L-V2
> Hello,
> I was wondering if anyone here has used the SPA-1X10GE-WL-V2 and if so how
> it differs with the non "W" version with relation to Ethernet and
> EtherBundles.
> We currently use the non "W" versions for our ethernet uplinks to backbone
> connections as well as between our switches and routers. In some cases, we
> do EtherBundles for 20 or 30G links. I was wondering if the "W" version
> would have any issues with this or if it's only difference is the ability
> to do POS.
> -Lee
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