[c-nsp] ipsla - latency - related to cellular backhaul

Saku Ytti saku at ytti.fi
Sat Apr 27 08:13:55 EDT 2013

On (2013-04-26 09:55 -0400), Pete Lumbis wrote:

> Some hardware platforms and offload ping, mainly Echo Reply. I know that
> ASR1k and the GSR can do this off the top of my head (that is, I'm not
> saying this is an exhaustive list). Echo Requests will always be generated
> by the Supervisor/RP/Central CPU.

I'm not very familiar with ASR1k. But I believe if GSR does something
special to them, it handles them in LC CPU, which is even lower performance
CPU than RP CPU. I don't believe it has capability to handle them in LC
forwarding HW.
Of course it's still better than handling in LC CPU + RP CPU, but it's
still significant cause of jitter.

Also, I'm going to plug co-workers IP SLA/JNPR RPM responder for linux,
it's quite easy/cheap way to reduce jitter cause by responder.
Here's result happy user got from switching ASR1k responder to it:



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