[c-nsp] End to end keepalive over QinQ provider

Ross Halliday ross.halliday at wtccommunications.ca
Tue Feb 5 13:23:40 EST 2013

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> I have two paths that I'd like to port-channel. Since they don't support
> LACP the only thing I can do is do static configuration, but if the path
> of
> one of the links takes a hit there is no end to end notifications that
> will
> cause an interface to go down or be taken out of forwarding. With LACP
> you
> can do this because the ports will debundle. I was hoping that CFM would
> take the path out of service, but I don't think that is the case.
> Thoughts?

You mean the LACP negotiation is eaten by your provider? What kind of
strange equipment/config are they running?

UDLD is designed to do what you want - will that function?


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