[c-nsp] IPv6 best practices

Charles Sprickman spork at bway.net
Thu Feb 7 03:41:22 EST 2013


Perhaps a bit OT here, but we've got our v6 allocation from ARIN and I've been doing a fair amount of deployment elsewhere (in a colo facility where we don't have any networking gear beyond L2 switches).  I've found plenty of lively discussion (if not consensus) on how to allocate subnets, some ideas on numbering, and a good deal of application-layer BCPs, but I'm simply not finding very much info coming out of the service provider community.  

Topics I'm interested in are:

IPv6 BGP best practices/gotchas
Security considerations (particularly WRT network gear)
Preferred interior routing protocols
An overview of where vendors (in this case, Cisco) fall short + workarounds
As definitive a set of guidelines as is possible at this (early?) point regarding subnet sizes for business customers, residential customers, PoPs 

I know folks like CYMRU (https://www.team-cymru.org/) have some excellent security BCPs, but nothing IPv6 specific.  Many of the IPv6-centric information sites seem to mainly deal with end-user issues and application-specific information.  Am I missing a particularly solid "nsp" IPv6 resource?



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