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What corner cases??
This thread was about TCP:(ip tcp adjust-mss)not UDP!
As, has been already pointed out:

To OP:

Put in the little-effort required to UP MTU's on your physical-interfaces to support your services and as already-mentioned, design/re-design your network accordingly.

"ip-mtu and mtu(physical-int) are two very different things.

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> There are always corner cases.
> That's why I said most.
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> > Most UDP should not hit the MTU limitation.
> > The common ones that come to mind are streaming
> audio/video and DNS.
> >
> > LR Mack McBride
> > Network Architect
> >
> Wrt "streaming audio/video" - it depends on client/server
> combo.
> I recently saw an issue with RTSP video streaming from
> repubblica.it website using Samsung Galaxy RSTP client.
> If UDP video packets are fragmented due to too small MTU in
> the path, video does not play at all.
> And DNS is somewhat invalid example since when DNS reply
> does not fit into 512 bytes, then DNS server will set a
> Truncated bit in the packet, forcing client to use TCP.
> http://serverfault.com/questions/348399/force-forwarder-dns-requests-to-tcp-mode
> No one uses 512B MTU (apart from miltary who use even
> smaller MTU) and DNS over UDP would not be experiencing
> issues due to too small MTU because own DNS payload limit is
> smaller than smallest real MTUs out there (except military
> as I mentioned).
> Thanks
> Alex
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