[c-nsp] Connect directly for IPTransit?

Mick O'Rourke mkorourke at gmail.com
Sat Feb 16 03:11:26 EST 2013

As a content network we do it directly for both 10GigE transit and 1GigE
transit into out 1k's and 9k's.

One of our up streams runs both 1k's and 9k's as well, but they terminate
customer access at switching layer port running sub nits per customer. It
works just as well as what we do given the requirement, but obviously with
far better investment scale for them.

On some of our non transit 1k's we run some GigE ports bundled as port
channels and some to support EFP and other services with port channel
limitations on standalone access where po limitations do exist.

On Saturday, 16 February 2013, CiscoNSP_list CiscoNSP_list wrote:

> Hi Guys,
> We are replacing some 7200's with ASR's....our existing 7200's are
> P/PE...we currently have carrier/upstream services coming in via our
> switches connected to the 7200's (So all L3 Ints are portchan
> subints)....The ASR's have far more ports available than the
> 7200's....should we bring these services directly into the ASR's?(i.e. and
> not via our switches).  There are some limitations on portchan subints (QOS
> etc)...so is directly connecting IPTransit to the ASR recommended?
> Cheers.
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