[c-nsp] ipv6 nhrp

tim tim at haitabu.net
Sun Feb 17 05:51:34 EST 2013

On 11.05.2012 5:42 PM, Chris Conn wrote:
> What platforms other than 18xx support;
> int Tunnel6
> !
>    ...
>    ipv6 nhrp ...
>    ...
> !

ASR 1000 since IOS XE 03.08.00.S

We've tested it with smaller Cisco routers like Cisco 881 as spoke and
the ASR 1002 as hub.  The spokes are connected at small sites which have
connectivity through a cable ISP in Germany which serves dual-stack lite
since a few weeks.  I.e., the cable ISP provides a Fritz!Box as CPE.
The 881 gets an IPv6 address and default-router via RA from the Fritz!Box.


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