[c-nsp] Cisco ASR 1000 and SPA-2X1GE or SPA-1XTENGE-XFP

Bernd mailinglists at uebi.net
Sun Feb 17 06:05:01 EST 2013

Hi everyone!

Just a short question about ASR 1000 SPA compatibility...

I could get one piece of each of those modules for a very good price from
my provider (used). I'm currently running an ASR 1001 and 1002-F.

Sadly I was unable to find some information if those SPAs would be
compatible with my routers or not.

not list the ASR as a compatible platform. The ASR is only listed on
the website for the V2 SPAs, which can be found at

On the other hand, on this website I found a "show platform" where
the SPA-1XTENGE-XFP and SPA-2X1GE is used with an ASR 1006:

Has anybody experience with the compatibility of those modules with the ASR
1000 series routers??

Big thanks and kind regards,

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