[c-nsp] pros and cons for IPTV multicast in rosen-mvpn vs GRT

Adam Vitkovsky adam.vitkovsky at swan.sk
Mon Feb 18 06:38:53 EST 2013

Yes it's additional complexity indeed, though we would use SSM so no RPs in
the core and no inter-as mvpns(so far :) ) so need for RPF proxy-vectors
Yes I'd love to go with MLDP though unfortunately it's not supported on

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A lot of complexity, protocol overhead, data mdt scalability, more state,
more bugs, PIM pimping / RPF vector, more RPs in case of sparse-mode... 

If VPN is mandatory I would go MLDP if  supported.


On 18.02.2013, at 16:09, Adam Vitkovsky <adam.vitkovsky at swan.sk> wrote:

> Hi folks,
> Are there any cons for running IPTV in draft-rosen-mvpn as opposed to 
> global routing table
> adam
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