[c-nsp] pros and cons for IPTV multicast in rosen-mvpn vs GRT

Sigurbjörn Birkir Lárusson sigurbjornl at vodafone.is
Mon Feb 18 10:19:17 EST 2013

The implementation of draft-rosen on the 7600 is very quirky and it has
been our experience that there are more bugs and problems with it than can
reasonably be expected.  In particular in regards to protected sources
(particularly problems with duplicate streams) and punting of traffic to
the IBC, neither of which are easy to troubleshoot and can cause mayhem.

If you intend to do a new implementation on the 7600 at this point and
have your mind set on using MVPN, I'd recommend going with MLDP

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On 18.2.2013 16:47, "sthaug at nethelp.no" <sthaug at nethelp.no> wrote:

>> If you running on a 7600 I'd stay as far away from Draft-Rosen for this
>> deployment model as possible
>Could you say anything about why?
>Steinar Haug, Nethelp consulting, sthaug at nethelp.no

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