[c-nsp] Next step-up from 7206VXR

Sigurbjörn Birkir Lárusson sigurbjornl at vodafone.is
Wed Feb 20 03:05:31 EST 2013

On 20.2.2013 12:25, "Jon Lewis" <jlewis at lewis.org> wrote:

>On Wed, 20 Feb 2013, Pete Lumbis wrote:
>> There are two pieces: control plane processing power and TCAM.
>> Sup720 CPU can't really keep up with the average churn of the internet
>> anymore. RSP720's and Sup2T CPUs can still keep up.
>I'm using Sup720s, and not seeing that.

The faster CPU on the RSP720 will help in large scale BGP convergence
cases, particularly with multiple peers on the same box.  I assume the
Sup2T has an even faster CPU, it will at least speed up the time taking to
converge.  That being said, BGP PIC Edge actually helps more than the
RSP720.  I'd rather run BGP PIC Edge on the 3BXL than non on the RSP720
and for normal Internet usage without big time convergences you won't see
much of a difference if any at all.

>> Both RSP720-3CXL and Sup2T-XL can support 1 million routes*
>The Sup720 can do 1 million routes too.  Can you point out where cisco
>says the implementation is any different between the Sup720, RSP720, and
>Sup2T that makes the latter capable of handling more v4/v6 routes than
>former.  Everything I've seen says the FIB TCAM space has not been

We are still running a full IPv4 global Internet table, a full IPv6 table
and MPLS VPN+Multicast on a 3BXL, it can be done by splitting your route
space in a reasonable manner.  It isn't any different on the RSP720, and
afaik the Sup2T is the same, however there are some difference in how you
can allocate the actual space available into the different route families
on the Sup2T, I believe it's slightly more dynamic on the 2T.

The Sup2T seems to be more or less designed to prolong the life of the
6500 as a Data Center/Enterprise platform, and I believe it was mostly due
to high customer demand that Cisco even considered putting it into the
7600, imho it just prolongs the slow death spiral of the 7600 as a PE
platform whereas the 3BXL is still plenty powerful enough for a P based
box and an aggregation box, roles where imho the 7600 is better suited...

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