[c-nsp] ISIS BFD not Supported on CRS-3 ?

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Thu Feb 21 05:54:23 EST 2013

Thanks for your reply Pshem. 
We have one question after reading your post; are you using WANPHY with transmission electronics ( like DWDM ) in-between or it is just across the a dark fiber cable. 

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On 2 February 2013 07:30, Amos Thong <amosthy at hotmail.com> wrote:

Hi C-NSP Members,

We are a service provider running Cisco CRS-3 in our IP/MPLS core. Due to protection, we have recently added another 10Gbps
link connecting 2 Cisco CRS-3 core routers, namely CR-A and CR-B. The config below are on CR-A and CR-B has similar config.
Question :
1. Is this a known issue that BE interface does not support BFD ?
2. Without BFD link failure detection at ISIS level is going to be slower and we perceive that the convergence speed will fall back to ISIS native convergence speed ?
3. Is (2) the worst case and or is there any else that tend to fail ?
We are looking forward to any members who has this environment to share their experience in this area. Thanks.

Not exactly CRS-3, but in one deployment of ASR9k with Eth-Bundles we've used both WANPHY and OTU2e  in order to speed up link error detection. From what we've gathered for single (non-bundle) links WANPHY and OTN2e is always faster and what's more important can start the switchover when errors reach certain level, not after the link failed completely. 

kind regards

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