[c-nsp] MPLS routed pseudowire between ASR9k and 7600 with LAN cards

Aivars aivars at ml.lv
Tue Feb 26 01:13:52 EST 2013



There is a need to extend L2 connections from an existing 7600 with LAN cards to a new ASR9001 and configure IP address on that connection.


If we look for link redundancy and rule out conventional switching and
spanning tree, to my understanding this looks something like "Pseudowire Headend".





xconnect group test

p2p test

interface PW-Ether555

 neighbor pw-id 555


interface PW-Ether555

mtu 9216

vrf MGMT

ipv4 address

attach generic-interface-list test


generic-interface-list test

interface Bundle-Ether1

interface TenGigE0/0/0/1



interface TenGigabitEthernet3/4.555

encapsulation dot1Q 555

 xconnect 555 encapsulation mpls

mtu 9202


The problem here is that ASR thinks that everything is fine:


Group test, XC test, state is up; Interworking none

AC: PW-Ether555, state is up

Type PW-Ether

Interface-list: test

Replicate status:

Te0/0/0/1: success

BE1: success

MTU 9202; interworking none

Internal label: 16020


packets: received 0, sent 60

bytes: received 0, sent 2532

PW: neighbor 

, PW ID 555, state is up ( established )

PW class not set, XC ID 0xc0000001

Encapsulation MPLS, protocol LDP

Source address

PW type Ethernet, control word disabled, interworking none

PW backup disable delay 0 sec

Sequencing not set


PW Status TLV in use

MPLS Local Remote 

------------ ------------------------------ -----------------------------

Label 16021 45 

Group ID 0x160 0x0 

Interface PW-Ether555 unknown 

MTU 9202 9202 

Control word disabled disabled 

PW type Ethernet Ethernet 

VCCV CV type 0x2 0x2 

(LSP ping verification) (LSP ping verification) 

VCCV CC type 0x6 0x6 

(router alert label) (router alert label) 

(TTL expiry) (TTL expiry) 

------------ ------------------------------ -----------------------------

Incoming Status (PW Status TLV):

Status code: 0x0 (Up) in Notification message

Outgoing Status (PW Status TLV):

Status code: 0x0 (Up) in Notification message

MIB cpwVcIndex: 3221225473

Create time: 19/02/2013 08:51:23 (07:59:29 ago)

Last time status changed: 19/02/2013 16:50:00 (00:00:52 ago)

Last time PW went down: 19/02/2013 09:05:10 (07:45:42 ago)


packets: received 0, sent 60

bytes: received 0, sent 2532


However at the same time 7600 is unhappy:


BIP-STO1#sh xconnect int te3/4.555 detail 

Legend: XC ST=Xconnect State S1=Segment1 State S2=Segment2 State

UP=Up DN=Down AD=Admin Down IA=Inactive

SB=Standby HS=Hot Standby RV=Recovering NH=No Hardware


XC ST Segment 1 S1 Segment 2 S2


DN ac Te3/4.555:555(Eth VLAN) UP mpls DN

Interworking: ethernet Local VC label 45 

Remote VC label 16021


What am I missing here? Is this even the right approach to reach the goal?


I succeeded in a similar task where there was HP 5800 at the other end of L2 circuit. I used bridge domain, VPLS and BVI interface in that case. Unfortunately VPLS is not an option for 7600 with LAN cards.  

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