[c-nsp] IRR Tool

Ahmed Hilmy hilmy.aa at gmail.com
Wed Feb 27 03:46:48 EST 2013

Hello Expert,

I hope you doing fine.

I am looking for how can i implement a Routing Registry server in our
network to be updated regularly from RADB that mirrors almost all the
Routing registries (www.irr.net) and build the appropriate IP prefix-list
and IP as-path access-list ( BGP session settings ) and forward it to the
appropriate access router.

-              RIPE database should be updated ( Each prefix should has a
rout-object in RIPE database and Originator of this prefix should be a
member in my AS-SET

-              Deploy a Routing Registry server that gets update regularly
from RADB

-              Connect Routing Registry server to our router for updating
our filters automatically.

I am thinking about  Routing Registry server, how to configure to do this
job ?

 Once we apply this feature, I will never notify my UP Links for any prefix
to be advertise.

Would you please clarify these points or add your comments.

Your cooperation is highly appreciated.



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