[c-nsp] 802.1Q-in-Q VLAN Tag Termination on 7600/6500 OSN modules

Davide Ambrosi davide.ambrosi at trivenet.it
Wed Feb 27 11:32:10 EST 2013


We have some 7603 boxes with SUP720/SUP2 installed as main supervisor
in our MPLS Edge sites.

Now we need to terminate QinQ VLAN directly on one or more GE
interfaces of the 7603 routers because we are planning to introduce
metro ethernet tecnologies (ME3400E/ME3600X) in our fiber and
microwave access network for reducing the VLAN configured between the
switches located in the access network (now we have 1 VLAN = 1

I see that 7600 catalyst modules doesn't support QinQ VLAN termination
(the command "encapsulation dot1q outer-vlan second-dot1q inner-vlan)
because they are "LAN" modules.

Is there anyone who tested QinQ termination on old 7600 OSN GE modules
like the OSM-2+4GE-WAN+ ? If not supported the only way to support
QinQ is to buy new (expensive) 7600-S chassis + ES cards or SIP-400
and SPAs V2 ?

In out network environment we have also some 7609-S(RSP720) with ES+
card located into the core an large aggregation sites and with this
equipment we don't have problems because the QinQ Termination is
supported on ES+ card.


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