[c-nsp] VRF Static NAT

Alexander Fossa | Xifos alex.fossa at xifos.net
Wed Feb 27 16:52:58 EST 2013


Hopefully it is something simple that I'm missing!

Internal Server (a.b.c.60/24)-------- Cisco 7600a (SVI a.b.c.1/24)

Cisco 7600a (VRF abc) --------------- Cisco 1921 -

What I'm looking to do is expose a.b.c.60 (global routing table) to the VRF abc, by using a static NAT.

Hence our customer can send queries to an IP within the VRF abc, and we can static nat it to our external host, if we need to repoint the traffic we can alter the static nat rule without asking our customer to repoint.

Thanks in advance.


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