[c-nsp] 802.1Q-in-Q VLAN Tag Termination on 7600/6500 OSN modules

Benny Amorsen benny+usenet at amorsen.dk
Thu Feb 28 07:51:53 EST 2013

Davide Ambrosi <davide.ambrosi at trivenet.it> writes:

> I see that 7600 catalyst modules doesn't support QinQ VLAN termination
> (the command "encapsulation dot1q outer-vlan second-dot1q inner-vlan)
> because they are "LAN" modules.

The only cheap way to do what you want is to use some other box to
either do VLAN translation or place the traffic into EoMPLS tunnels. I
am not actually sure whether the 7600 will do routed EoMPLS with
LAN-cards, I have only tried that with a SIP-600.

ES+ will obviously do what you want as you mention, and ASR1k and ASR9k
can do the same.


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