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i've seen the first email and i was wondering, why would you have that setup?, now seeing that others have it, i'm interested to see why, dynamic routing would solve the issue, but why would you shutdown the loopback, loopback's purpose is to be up at all times
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I had the same issue but my router IOS did not support IP SLA, I did it
with EEM.
  see if reply
    add route
  if no reply
    remove route
wait 15 seconds, do ping again

>    3. Static Route (M K)
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> I have two routers connected to each other , I have configured a loopback
> interface on The second router and configured a static route to reach it ,
> now when i shutdown the loopback interface the static route is still in the
> routing table , how can i remove that route automatically when i lose
> reachability to the loopback interface ? should i use IP sla ?
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