[c-nsp] IOS XR and router rib rump always-replicate

Mark Tinka mark.tinka at seacom.mu
Fri Jul 5 16:17:33 EDT 2013

On Wednesday, March 06, 2013 04:54:32 PM Adam Vitkovsky 

> Oh by the way does anybody know when the mLDP is going to
> be supported on ME3600 please?

Which mLDP? Full NG-MVPN mLDP or normal MDT-based mLDP?

Cisco like to go incremental, so chances are support will be 
basic MDT mLDP first, and then NG-MVPN later. I hope I'm 
wrong, though.

Last time I checked for the ME3600X, it was nowhere close. 
Focus was on getting basic Rosen MVPN going, which should be 
in there now.

Since IOS XE is also catching up to NG-MVPN support, my hope 
is it will trickle down to the 15 mainline which meant to be 
the new component IOS now.

Of course, this is mostly conjecturbation on my part. Having 
not run the ME3600X for over a year now, I haven't been 
tracking feature development like I used to. But I'm getting 
a truckload of units in the coming months, and I'll be back 
in the game :-).

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