[c-nsp] IOS XR and router rib rump always-replicate

Mark Tinka mark.tinka at seacom.mu
Mon Jul 8 06:22:34 EDT 2013

On Monday, July 08, 2013 09:49:50 AM Adam Vitkovsky wrote:

> Yes I'm interested in the full blown NG-MVPN with x-PMSI
> MP2MP/P2MP MLDP with BGP-AD, though right now I'd be
> thankful for any mLDP support, but for that I guess I'd
> have to wait about a year or so. And I hope the -CX
> platform is going to able to forward m-cast or use
> port-channels in the meantime.

I just did a quick scan on current support and found these 
for the CRS and ASR9000:


The documentation on the ASR1000 is not the full suite, just 
mLDP without BGP C-multicast. Not sure when support is fully 
coming to the ASR1000, but last time I checked, it was meant 
to be 2013.

There was some internal tussle between whether BGP C-
multicast was coming in IOS XR 4.x or 5. Since I'm not 
running any IPTv services now, I'm not tracking this quite 
as much, although it is something we're getting Cisco to 
commit to for when we need to move video on the network.

p2mp RSVP-TE support has been supported on the CRS since IOS 
XR 3.9.0, and I used it with a Juniper edge (with major but 
fixable inter-op issues) in IOS XR 4. 

The ASR9000 got p2mp RSVP-TE in IOS XR 4.1.0, but I haven't 
run it on that platform. 

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