[c-nsp] Cisco 6500 mounting with cables

Aled Morris aledm at qix.co.uk
Tue Jul 9 11:32:56 EDT 2013

On 9 July 2013 14:35, Chris Marget <chris at marget.com> wrote:

> It's almost hard to find Cat5 these days - what's driving the demand?
> Surely people aren't buying Cat6 with TIA TSB-155 in mind, so why is
> the market flooded with better-but-not-meaningfully-so cable?
I've always put it down to FUD by cabling installation companies.  I had a
conversation with our building facilities people recently who'd been
advised by their cabling subcontractors that they needed to rip out the
"obsolete" cat5e from the office and run cat6a to the desktops.  They even
want to renew last year's cat6 in the computer room since 6a is the new

No technical justification, but I suspect the CEO of the cabling company
fancies a new yacht.


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