[c-nsp] asr 9922 2 x 100 GIGE Module. Ingress QoS Pre-classification

Harvey Young harveyyoung at gmail.com
Tue Jul 16 20:45:45 EDT 2013

Hello Experts,

I am trying to configure ingress QoS on a 2 x 100 GIG- SE (typhoon) module
on the ASR to test ingress classification and honoring

Using the latest code 4.3.1.

What I have created is an ingress class map and associated it to a policy
policy map. Then applied the policy map to the interface. The command

LC/0/1/CPU0:Jul 16 16:38:31.388 : qos_ma_ea[318]:
%QOS-QOS_EA_VERIFY-6-ERROR : QoS EA verify policy failed, error Policy: p0
class: ef depth: 0 action: bandwidth not supported by platform: 'qos-ea'
detected the 'warning' condition 'Ingress queueing features is not
supported on this line card'

The same policy can be applied to a 10 GIGE (typhoon) interface.

Anyone know why ingress qos is not supported on the 2 x 100 G? Is there
another way to configure this? I looked through the user manual, no dice.


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