[c-nsp] multicast issue

Jean-Francois.Dube at videotron.com Jean-Francois.Dube at videotron.com
Tue Jul 16 22:51:30 EDT 2013

We use IneoQuest gear to monitor multicast data after it leaves the source
and before it enters the destination.

The boxes give nice reports of both IP and MPEG, and are MDI compliant



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> Objet : [c-nsp] multicast issue
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> Hi all
> Just a brainstorming and your possible help.
> I manage a network where multicast is the most important traffic and
> sometimes I get issue by customer where they state that some packetsare
> Does anybody have an idea or can help me in understanding a possible
> solution in monitoring traffic in real time manner, maybe with the use of
> software or appliance or whatelse.
> In my idea I could monitor traffic on the source and on the destination,
> then with  a sort of parsing understand
> if it’s my network loosing the packets or not…
> Any idea ? suggestion ?
> tks
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