[c-nsp] ME3800X/ME3600X/ME3600X-24CX/ASR903/ASR901 Deployment Simplification Feedback

Mark Tinka mark.tinka at seacom.mu
Sun Jul 21 01:34:07 EDT 2013

On Tuesday, March 19, 2013 09:27:45 AM Waris Sagheer (waris) 

> Hi Everyone,
> I have seen lot of good inputs on this mailer. I am
> collecting feedback for the existing deployment
> challenges on the following platforms so that we can
> address them.
> -ME3800X
> -ME3600X
> -ME3600X-24CX
> -ASR903
> -ASR901
> -ME3400E

	- I would like to see a variant of the ME3600X/3800X
	  that provides for at least 4x 10Gbps SFP+ uplink

	- I would like to see a variant of the ME3600X/3800X
	  that provided for 48x Gig-E copper or fibre ports
	  in a 1U chassis (I'll also take a 1.5U chassis if
	  times are really hard). Yes, all at line rate :-).

	- I would like to see a solution that allows for PoP
	  growth. We've had scenarios where the number of
	  ME3600X/3800X chassis has grown to a level to
	  justify looking at a chassis (ASR9000 or
	  MX480/960), but the line card costs alone still
	  make stacking yet another ME3600X/3800X a
	  commercially better idea, but lousy for
	  operations. What can the team do to allow
	  operators to grow ports and scale on a per-PoP
	  basis while simplifying operations and keeping
	  port costs down? I've never been drawn to
	  virtual/multi-chassis systems, but... :-).

	- I'm not very heavy on growing the FIB on the
	  ME3600X/3800X systems, but any thought Cisco can
	  put into this that doesn't make the cost of
	  building the units outrageous would be much
	  appreciated. This isn't critical for me; just a
	  very nice-to-have.

In addition to what Nick and the others have already 
mentioned, those are the things I'd like to see addressed, 

For me, one of the things that pleases me most about the 
ME3600X/3800X (apart from the fact that we can drop STP and 
extend IP/MPLS into the Access) is that QoS is normal, 
simple and behaves like a regular Cisco router. Additional 
work and simplification in this area (particularly coming as 
close to the flexibility of what software routers like the 
7200 can do) would be much appreciated. You have no idea how 
much it sucked running the 3750ME as a Metro-E IP/MPLS 
Access platform and trying to do simple or complex QoS 
strategies for customers and the core :-).

Many thanks for reaching out to the community about this, 
Waris. It makes all the difference for us operators, and is 
more of what we would like to see from our preferred 


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