[c-nsp] Cisco 6500 mounting with cables

Aled Morris aledm at qix.co.uk
Sun Jul 21 18:16:01 EDT 2013

On 21 July 2013 21:34, quinn snyder <snyderq at gmail.com> wrote:

> i think its just a natural evolution of where cisco is trending.
> yes -- some of the ia features resemble the n2k functionality -- but there
> are additional enhancements that make ia more of a campus tool -- rather
> than the d/c.
Indeed.  It's easy right now.  If you're fitting out a data center,
especially with FCoE or a future of high density 40G and 100G connections,
choose Nexus.  If you're supporting desktops, Catalyst is the platform that
has PoE.

I had to make the decision six months ago for upgrading a 1,500 switch port
office with aged 6500 infrastructure and so I chose Catalyst 4500.  Even
with the new 6500/6800 options I still think 4500 is a platform better
suited for the access environment.  We don't need the breadth of 6500
capabilities or the performance of 6800 in the wiring closet.

It's time for Cisco to wake up and smell the coffee...


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