[c-nsp] ME3800X/ME3600X/ME3600X-24CX/ASR903/ASR901 Deployment Simplification Feedback

Stephen Fulton sf at lists.esoteric.ca
Sun Jul 21 22:23:31 EDT 2013

I'll add my +1 to Mark's suggestions, and request more 10GE ports. 
We're receiving more requests for 10GE (mostly sub-rate, some line-rate) 
from our customers and offers from our carrier suppliers for the same. 
The 3600X-24CX fits part of that bill, but I'd really prefer something 
with more than 8GE ports when the four 10GE ports are activated.

-- Stephen

On 21/07/2013 5:29 PM, Waris Sagheer (waris) wrote:
> Hi Mark,
> Thanks for all the feedback.
> Couple of questions and clarification,
> - 48 gig port switch requirement, I suppose you also need 4x10Gig uplink along with 48 Gig port, correct?
> - Per pop growth, I'll get get back to you with a solution to seek your feedback
> - Can you give me an idea in terms of number of FIB entries requirement?
> - Can you elaborate your comment "(particularly coming as close to the flexibility of what software routers like the 7200 can do)"? Any 7200 example functionality.
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> Subject: Re: [c-nsp] ME3800X/ME3600X/ME3600X-24CX/ASR903/ASR901 Deployment Simplification Feedback
> On Tuesday, March 19, 2013 09:27:45 AM Waris Sagheer (waris)
> wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> I have seen lot of good inputs on this mailer. I am
> collecting feedback for the existing deployment
> challenges on the following platforms so that we can
> address them.
> -ME3800X
> -ME3600X
> -ME3600X-24CX
> -ASR903
> -ASR901
> -ME3400E
> - I would like to see a variant of the ME3600X/3800X
>    that provides for at least 4x 10Gbps SFP+ uplink
>    ports.
> - I would like to see a variant of the ME3600X/3800X
>    that provided for 48x Gig-E copper or fibre ports
>    in a 1U chassis (I'll also take a 1.5U chassis if
>    times are really hard). Yes, all at line rate :-).
> - I would like to see a solution that allows for PoP
>    growth. We've had scenarios where the number of
>    ME3600X/3800X chassis has grown to a level to
>    justify looking at a chassis (ASR9000 or
>    MX480/960), but the line card costs alone still
>    make stacking yet another ME3600X/3800X a
>    commercially better idea, but lousy for
>    operations. What can the team do to allow
>    operators to grow ports and scale on a per-PoP
>    basis while simplifying operations and keeping
>    port costs down? I've never been drawn to
>    virtual/multi-chassis systems, but... :-).
> - I'm not very heavy on growing the FIB on the
>    ME3600X/3800X systems, but any thought Cisco can
>    put into this that doesn't make the cost of
>    building the units outrageous would be much
>    appreciated. This isn't critical for me; just a
>    very nice-to-have.
> In addition to what Nick and the others have already
> mentioned, those are the things I'd like to see addressed,
> Waris.
> For me, one of the things that pleases me most about the
> ME3600X/3800X (apart from the fact that we can drop STP and
> extend IP/MPLS into the Access) is that QoS is normal,
> simple and behaves like a regular Cisco router. Additional
> work and simplification in this area (particularly coming as
> close to the flexibility of what software routers like the
> 7200 can do) would be much appreciated. You have no idea how
> much it sucked running the 3750ME as a Metro-E IP/MPLS
> Access platform and trying to do simple or complex QoS
> strategies for customers and the core :-).
> Many thanks for reaching out to the community about this,
> Waris. It makes all the difference for us operators, and is
> more of what we would like to see from our preferred
> vendors.
> Cheers,
> Mark.
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