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Tony td_miles at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 25 06:09:26 EDT 2013

Is this a trick question ?

Every time it sees a packet that matches the criteria you have specified and is put into your class it increments the "packets" counter by 1 and adds the size of the packet to the "bytes" counter.

What is or isn't happening that you're concerned about ?


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>Hi allI have configured QoS between two sites across my backbone , the classification was done based on telnet traffic and the marking was done based on the precedence valueI have configured to mark all telnet traffic with precedence value of 3 and I received it fine without any issues
>Now my question is as belowWhen I first wrote telnet and checked the output of show policy-map interface fastEthernet 1/0 | inc Class|packet
>telnet    Class-map: PRECEDENCE_3 (match-all)        9 packets, 520 bytesUsername : cisco    Class-map: PRECEDENCE_3 (match-all)        16 packets, 905 bytesPassword : cisco    Class-map: PRECEDENCE_3 (match-all)        23 packets, 1290 bytesR7>exit    Class-map: PRECEDENCE_3 (match-all)        30 packets, 1674 bytes
>I want to know what is the methodology used to count these numbers ?
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