[c-nsp] HSRP, the VPLS way (ME3600)

Jason Lixfeld jason at lixfeld.ca
Wed May 22 16:33:40 EDT 2013

I'm planning on implementing some HSRP stuff between two switches that have no L2 connectivity between them; everything is MPLS/VPLS'ified.

So my question is, what's the standard practise for doing HSRP the VPLS way?  Service instance/EVC/BD/SVI based or traditional trunk/SVI based?  This won't need any funky EVC features required by the devices connected to these two switches, but I'm just trying to understand if the latter of the two methods is starting to get antiquated and we should be doing EVC based stuff like this, as a best-practise, on whatever platforms support it?

Or is this just silly and the traditional trunk/SVI method will be around forever, so why change it?

Thanks in advance.

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