[c-nsp] Peering between VRF's in the same 6500 VSS

Wouter Prins wp at null0.nl
Fri Oct 4 05:42:01 EDT 2013

Config snippets would help. Did you enable extended community's? Do
you see the routes in vpnv4? Is the vpnv4 afi activated? etc

On 4 October 2013 11:09, Alexander Wågberg <alex.wagberg at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have the following scenario:
> ASR1002X -- VRF-A -- 6500 -- IPS -- 6500 -- VRF-B -- ASR1002X
> The ASR1002X to the left is the same as the one to the right, as well as
> the 6500. The IPS in this picture acts like a "loop cable". Between the
> vrf's I've setup a BGP-peer, the goal is that traffic should flow though
> the IPS when going from vrf A to B and B to A.
> The problem is that, prefixes sent from the ASR in both VRF's are not
> learned in the other vrf on the ASR. The 6500 learns routes from both vrf's
> and announce routes to the ASR in both vrf's. The ASR is also
> route-reflector-client for both vrf's.
> Why can't I see routes from vrf B in vrf A in the ASR ?
> BR,
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> Alexander "wberg" Wågberg
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Wouter Prins
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