[c-nsp] Meraki...information

Eric Van Tol eric at atlantech.net
Thu Oct 10 13:04:14 EDT 2013

Hi all,
We ran into a very strange problem last night with a customer who utilizes Meraki switches.  I'd like to ask anyone on the list who is familiar with this model of switch whether there is *any* possibility that an upstream modification would cause issues with traffic traversing these switches.

A little background: we attempted to perform a migration of a transport circuit in our network from 1G to 10G last night, but the single customer attached to the ME3600 where the transport circuit was changed, started to have issues.  There are no errors being reported on either end of the circuit, light levels are good, and we get consistent 1500-byte df-bit pings to their firewall from both inside and outside our borders.  The transport circuit is not even a circuit that "touches" the customer's network.  However, they report slow browsing from within their LAN (but not from their DMZ on the same ASA).  When switching the transport circuit back to 1G, everything works fine.  There is absolutely no difference in the routing, path, or IP addresses on this transport circuit - the only difference is link speed.

Customer now believes the problem is with their Meraki switches, but we are both confused about how a change two physical hops upstream from their LAN would cause such issues.  The "slow browsing" issue is definitely contained within their network, as they are not even able to browse their own website which is located entirely on their infrastructure and doesn't pass through the 10G link, or even through the CPE we provide.

I know nothing about the Meraki product, besides the fact that it's a cloud managed solution.  Has anyone ever heard of a problem like this before with this model of switch?


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