[c-nsp] ENNI Termination

Kenny Kant akennykant at gmail.com
Fri Oct 18 22:03:51 EDT 2013

We have 7 new metro Ethernet circuits from our service provider to remote locations with qinq trunks.  All of these connections are point to point connections terminating at central site using a 7 different s-vlans on a single ENNI port.

We need the ability to have a number of c-vlans accessible from all of the 7 remote locations via these connections.  We are struggling to find a Cisco device and a configuration to allow for this to happen.  It seems like any Cisco gear supporting MEF 26 ENNI standard is crazy expensive.   Does any lower end Cisco device support something like this?  I had hoped a ME3400 would do the job but it looks like I need to shell out some serious cash for an asr?   

Any suggestions on gear and configuration?

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