[c-nsp] L2TP LAC and MPLS on the same box?

Ross Halliday ross.halliday at wtccommunications.ca
Mon Oct 21 13:47:34 EDT 2013

Hi list,

I'm working on some new routers for the wireless side of the business that we'll be putting out at our tower sites. I had originally discounted MPLS due to the amount of features that would be demanded on the box, however after grafting 4 separate VRFs across 802.1q links I'm strongly considering MPLS again just for ease of management. I couldn't find much in the way of such a scenario in the archives so I'm wondering if anybody has some advice. I'm plodding it together in the lab right now but something still doesn't sit right with me to jam this many features into one box.

Using Cisco 7301s with 15.2(4)S2, features I need are the usual unicast MPLS L3VPN stuff with an IS-IS core and BGP, L2TP LAC, some BFD would be nice, and IRB to bridge a single VLAN (long story of legacy infrastructure and 6500 limitations). The 7301s run 1 GB RAM. I'm expecting up to 600 subs and 200 Mbps of PPPoE coming into each box.

Like finding an Easter egg on Easter morning, or like finding an Easter egg on Christmas morning?


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