[c-nsp] NSP remarking IP Prec/DSCP

Chuck Church chuckchurch at gmail.com
Tue Oct 22 14:21:58 EDT 2013

Thanks Phil.  (and others who replied).  I could swear when we first peered
with these ISPs, we were seeing EF and AF31 coming from the VoIP carrier
(SIP trunks and ATA/phones).  Guess one of the ISPs noticed that somewhere
along the way.


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Net Neutrality means everyone gets marked as zero on ingress into the
network.  If you have a specific contract with the provider maybe things
operate differently, but then you start getting into preferential treatment
of traffic...

No providers preserve incoming markings for normal Internet traffic, unless
their routers are misconfigured.


On 10/22/13 12:22 PM, "Chuck Church" <chuckchurch at gmail.com> wrote:

>                Working on an issue with DSCP being set on a VoIP 
>provider 3 or 4 AS away and the packets showing up all default when 
>they reach our network.  Really only thing coming in that isn't marked 
>is a tiny amount of Prec 7, which I suspect to be BGP itself.  Before I 
>spend a bunch of time calling help desks, I'm wondering if this is a 
>common practice?  I thought the Net Neutrality rules prevented such 
>practice.  ISPs involved appear to be Time Warner, Windstream, Charter, 
>and Level 3.
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