[c-nsp] 10Gig CWDM

Tom Hill tom at ninjabadger.net
Sat Oct 26 15:27:21 EDT 2013

On 23/10/13 17:56, "Rolf Hanßen" wrote:
> You should think about using SFP+ + adapter, I think there is a better
> chance to re-use them after 6500.

Agreed. The Cisco OneX work in our WS-6708-3BXL (X2 -> SFP+), as well as 
the FlexOptix converter (their site is down currently, or I'd link you 
-- but I'm sure you can find them.)

Worth mentioning that we use FlexOptix's 10G WWDM/CWDM optics in both 
Cisco/FlexOptix converters and have no problems with chassis support/DOM.


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