[c-nsp] ISP / MPLS "POP" design

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Tue Oct 29 17:53:43 EDT 2013


Hoping someone can provide some "best practice" advise on an ISP/MPLS design.

Customer's would have a mix of vrf and Internet tails

POP "A" has 2 x 7200's (PE's) and 2 x 6500's (Ps') - Both 7200's have a single IPTransit service(Full BGP table) to different upstreams.

7200's and 6500's would be connected (physically) via a full mesh, with MPLS enabled on p-t-p links

IGP(OSPF) on all p-t-p links, and only carry loopback IP's and p-t-p link IP's
iBGP under VPNv4 for MP-BGP (vrf IP's) with the 2 6500's as route reflectors

The part Im unsure of is the "global" iBGP (For customer "Internet" IP's) - Would the 6500's also be route reflectors here? And with regards to the full BGP tables on the 7200's, would the 7200's only send default route to the 6500's?

Any suggestions/comments are greatly appreciated.


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