[c-nsp] ME3600X & A9K L2 Protocol Tunnelling support

Jason Lixfeld jason at lixfeld.ca
Wed Oct 30 00:15:40 EDT 2013

As far as what I can glean from various configuration guides and other bits of documentation:

ME3600s don't support L2 protocol tunneling on cross-connect EVCs, but they do on port based xconnects or on EVCs where the sp-facing interfaces are trunks; they will forward, tunnel or peer various layer 2 protocols.  Does that include STP variants (RSTP, PVST, R-PVST, MST, EAPS)?  Pause and 802.1x appear to be a part of the MEF CE2.0 spec and it seems the ME3600 is compliant, so I'm presuming these will all work with a port based xconnect?

IOS XR configuration docs that I've found seem to say the platform only supports L2 protocol tunnelling for STP, VTP and CDP.  Is that it?  That seems like a bit of a weak feature set if I'm using something like an A9K as a PE compared to an ME3600.  I read a Cisco presentation from July 2013 that says the A9K is MEF CE2.0 compliant so it should support at least everything the ME3600 supports, but I'd expect to be able to find some sort of configuration guide telling me how to configure these L2PT bits.  Can anyone point me to some docs?

Thanks in advance.

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