[c-nsp] Catalyst 6500: IPv6-enabled SVIs

Владимир Троицкий ruthenate at gmail.com
Thu Oct 31 06:50:49 EDT 2013


There is an issue on Cat6500 (SUP720-3B) with a lot of IPv6 SVIs:
%FM-4-TCAM_LABEL: Hardware TCAM label capacity exceeded.

#sh tcam counts ipv6
           Used        Free        Reserved
           ----        ----        --------
Labels:(in) 512           0
Labels:(eg) 59         453

Each IPv6 SVI consumes one ACL-TCAM label. According to cisco docs PFC3B
has 4096 such labels but there are only 512 in the output of 'sh tcam
counts ipv6'.

#show platform software ipv6-multicast capability | include entries
 Directly-connected entries for IPv6 is supported using ACL-TCAM.

#show platform software ipv6-multicast connected
IPv6 Multicast Subnet entries
Flags : H - Installed in ACL-TCAM
        X - Not installed in ACL-TCAM due to
            label-full exception

Interface: Vlan3733 [ H ]
  S:0:2001:ABCD:241:B100::1 G:FF00::
  S:2001:ABCD:241:B100::1 G:FF00::

Interface: Vlan3732 [ H ]
<output omitted>

Does anybody faced with the same issue?
Is it possible to increase amount of this labels or solve the problem
somehow else?

Best regards,
Vladimir Troitskiy

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