[c-nsp] N7K, SUP1, M1/M2/F2E, 6.2(10)

Saku Ytti saku at ytti.fi
Sat Dec 6 04:26:03 EST 2014

On (2014-12-04 20:49 +0000), Phil Mayers wrote:

> >You can issue a "clear ip route x.x.x.x" to force a hardware
> >reprogramming. It won't work every time, but you might get lucky.
> I must have done that, and various other "maybe" commands, a dozen or two
> times in the last 7 years. Not once has it worked.

I've been more lucky. I recall having script running in crontab pulling off
'sh ip cef' and 'sh mls cef' and doing 'clear ip route ...' after noticing
missing routes.
Also on several cases ELAM has shown rbus as L2_POLICE instead of L3_RW, in
which case after figuring out why it this it's L2_POLICE clearing has been
possible, e.g. if it was MTU issue, then just ip mtu 1501, ip mtu 1500.


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