[c-nsp] 4500X help

Steve Mikulasik Steve.Mikulasik at civeo.com
Thu Dec 11 11:35:00 EST 2014

I agree, in my 4500X deploys I haven't noticed a difference. Only thing would be VSS setup if you are planning on doing stacking. From my understanding Cisco has made it easier in later IOS releases.  


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On Thursday, December 11, 2014 05:06:19 PM Howard, Christopher wrote:

> I've not seen any differences with ours either.  I expect you could 
> probably take the 3560 config and just paste it in and not get any 
> errors. You should be fine if you're comfortable with IOS.

The most notable engineering changes to IOS XE compared to IOS are under the hood, i.e., you don't see them as the operator.

The main changes the operator sees for IOS XE are in the "platform" commands, since IOS XE is typically running only on hardware-based boxes (with the exception of CSR1000v, which still uses the "platform" command too).

So for me, IOS and IOS XE are 100% identical from a CLI perspective.


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