[c-nsp] Learning routes in global , but installing them into a VRF

f287cd76 at opayq.com f287cd76 at opayq.com
Sat Dec 13 12:55:50 EST 2014

Is it possible to learn routes via BGP in the global route table, but actually install them into another VRF?I can identify these routes with a community, but the 'set vrf' route-map is not supported as an in-bound route-map with BGP
What I'm really trying to do is harden some Cisco DMVPN branch routers.These routers have an I-BGP session up for Enterprise routes in the global route tableHowever, their Internet facing interface is in a separate 'Front Door' VRF.    This isolates the Enterprise and Internet from each other.
For extra security, I'd like to send bogon and known 'bad' routes to the router over it's existing BGP connection But I want to install those routes into the Internet VRF.
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